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Pastos journal (1971-current issue) in open-access

56th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Barcelona, April 2017

55th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Lugo, April 2016
Family picture (Pazo Mariñán)
Excursion O Courel (A. San Miguel)

54th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Palma de Mallorca, April 2015
Family picture (A. San Miguel)

53rd Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Potes (Cantabria), June 2014
Family picture (A. San Miguel)
Aliva mountains (Video San Miguel)

52nd Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Badajoz, April 2013

51st Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Pamplona, May 2012
Family picture (A.San Miguel)

50th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP

Toledo, 9-12th may 2011
New contents and dowloads at the meeting website

The Spanish Society for the Study of Pastures is a national scientific association that has the objective of  promoting the knowledge and improvement of Spanish pastures, including as research subjects every issue related with pastoral science: typology; ecology and functions of pastoral ecosystems; plant production; feeding value; animal production; economics, sociology and agricultural policy, etc.

At present the Society includes members in all Spanish autonomous communities who, in accordance with the Society's initial aims, develop their research and technical activity on multiple aspects and centres: Universities (Faculties of Biology, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Agronomy..., Forestry, Environment, and Agricultural Schools, etc), Scientific Research Council Institutes -CSIC-, National Institute of Agricultural Research, Agriculture Research centres from autonomous communities, Agriculture Ministry, etc.

Society activity is mainly developed through the publication of the research journal Pastos and the organization of annual scientific meetings for which proceedings are published in accordance with the different themes (Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the SSSP). The SSSP also promotes and organize some other scientific and technical or informative activities what are related to pastures such as the pasture dictionary. At present, among these other activities, the most important one is the research project Spanish Pastures

RedIRIS distribution list on pastures

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Database "Pastos Españoles SEEP"
by the Service of Information about Animal Feeding (SIA) of the University of Cordoba

Let's talk properly: the nomenclator of the SSSP (pasture dictionary)

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