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56th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Barcelona, April 2017

55th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Lugo, April 2016
Family picture (Pazo Mariñán)
Excursion O Courel (A. San Miguel)

54th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Palma de Mallorca, April 2015
Family picture (A. San Miguel)

53rd Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Potes (Cantabria), June 2014
Family picture (A. San Miguel)
Aliva mountains (Video San Miguel)

52nd Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP:

Badajoz, April 2013

51st Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP
Pamplona, May 2012
Family picture (A. San Miguel)

50th Scientific Meeting
of the SSSP

Toledo, 9-12th May 2011
New contents and dowloads at the
meeting website

The SSSP organizes an annual scientific meeting at a different location each year, trying to visit and cover all the diversity of pastoral and productive systems of Spain. The first meetings were held in Zaragoza (1960), Galicia, Burgos, Santander, Cáceres-Salamanca, Pamplona-Jaca-Francia, Palencia-Zamora-Valladolid, Badajoz-Elvas, Gerona and Sevilla. There have been 52 meetings until now, with seven of them of an international nature: Madrid 1975 hosted the 6th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation; Badajoz 2006 hosted the 21st General Meeting of the EGF; in the years 1980 and 1989 (Badajoz-Elvas), 2000 (Bragança - La Coruña - Lugo) and 2010 (Zamora-Miranda do Douro), the four Iberian Meetings of Pastures and Fodders took place. In 2001 the I Iberoamerican Forum on Pastures was held in Alicante.

The most recent meetings of the SSSP have been the following:

Lugo 2016. 55th SSSP Scientific Meeting.  "Sustainable innovation in pastures: towards an agriculture  to respond climate change"
Palma (Mallorca) 2015. 54th SSSP Scientific Meeting.  "Pastures and fodders at the XIX century"
Potes 2014. 53rd SSSP Scientific Meeting. "Pastures and CAP 2014-2020"
Badajoz 2013. 52nd SSSP Scientific Meeting. "Pastures: new challenges, new opportunities"
Pamplona 2012. 51ª SSSP Scientific Meeting. "New challenges of extensive livestock: an endangered  conservation agent"
Toledo 2011. 50ª SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Pastures, cultural landscapes between tradition and new paradigms of XXI century"
Zamora-Miranda do Douro 2010. IV Iberian Meeting of Pastures and Fodder. Meeting of the SSSP and the Portuguese Society of Pastures and Fodder (SPPF). "Pastures: natural source of energy"
Huesca 2009. XLVIII SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Pasture multifunctionality: sustainable livestock production and ecosystems management"
Córdoba 2008. XLVII SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Pastures, key took in landscape management"
Vitoria 2007. XLVI SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Fodder systems: between production and landscape"
Badajoz 2006. XXI European Grassland Federation Meeting. "Sustainable Grassland Productivity"
Asturias 2005. XLV SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Agricultural and livestock yields: efficient management and environment preservation"
Salamanca 2004. XLIV SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Pastures and extensive livestock"
Granada 2003. XLIII SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Pastures, development and conservation"
Lérida 2002. XLII SSSP Scientific Meeting . "Production of pastures, fodders and amenity grasses"
Alicante 2001. XLI SSSP Scientific Meeting and I Iberoamerican Forum on Pastures. "Biodiversity in pastures"
Bragança-La Coruña-Lugo 2000. III Iberian Meeting of Pastures and Fodder. Meeting of the SSSP and the Portuguese Society of Pastures and Fodder (SPPF)


Scientific Meetings usually consist of different subject areas such as:  Botany and Ecology of Pastures, Plant production, Animal production, Silvopastoralism and Management of Pastures. At these meetings invited papers, voluntary communications and technical visits are combined. All the papers and communications are published in the Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the SSSP, that are sent free to the members of the society.

The next scientific meetings of the S.S.S.P. will be hold in Barcelona in April 2017.



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