Spanish Society 
for the Study of Pastures (SSSP)

                    Sociedad Española para el Estudio de los Pastos (SEEP)
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At present the Society includes about 200 members in all Spanish autonomous communities who, in accordance with the Society's initial aims, develop their research and technical activity on multiple aspects and centres: Universities (Faculties of Biology, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Agronomy..., Forestry, Environment, and Agricultural Schools, etc), Scientific Research Council Institutes -CSIC-, National Institute of Agricultural Research, Agriculture Research centres from autonomous communities, Agriculture Ministry, etc.

The Spanish Society for the Study of Pastures is solely supported by membership fees. Members of the society receive the journal Pastos and the Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Meetings of the SSSP without any additional charge.

People interested in becoming a member of the SSSP can do so by contacting the secretary of the society  (, filling out and sending the form. Membership fee is 36 euros per year that is payable by bank transfer.

The executive board of the SSSP consists of the chairman, the vice-chairman, the secretary/treasurer and six members. They are elected by the general assembly and renewed by halves every two years. The current executive board is formed by the following members: 

Chairman: Sonia Roig Gómez (
Vice-chariman: Adela Martínez Fernández (
Treasurer:Ángel Blázquez Carrasco  (
Secretary: Manuel Mora Martínez (
Members: Maria Dolores Báez Bernal (
Oscar Santamaría Becerril (
Rosa María Canals Tresserras (
Cristina Chocarro Gómez (
Pilar Fernández Rebollo (
Beatriz R. Vázquez de Aldana (

      Statutes of the Spanish Society for the Study of Pastures were written in 1965 and were revised in  2012 at the 51st Scientific Meetingin Pamplona.


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